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PAVE Leadership




Angela Rose


Founder & Executive Director


In response to her abduction and sexual assault Angela Rose turned a suburban community into a group of proactive citizens at the age of seventeen. After banning together with her perpetrator’s other victims and their families, Angela spearheaded the movement that culminated with the passage of the 1998 Sexually Violent Persons Commitment Act in Illinois. This act enables the State to hold a sexually violent person in custody under psychiatric care if the person has been convicted of a previous sexually violent offense, exhibits a mental disorder and is seen as a threat. Nearly 200 convicted sex offenders have been committed as Sexually Violent Persons in Illinois since 1998.

As a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Angela began to intimately understand how silence cloaks the prevalence of sexual assault. Instead of retreating in the face of adversity, Angela rose to the challenge to voice what is often left unsaid. In 2000, the UW Associated Students of Madison appointed Angela Campus Safety Coordinator.


Empowered by her experiences on campus, Angela founded PAVE (Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment) in 2001 – a community-based organization that uses social, educational and legislative tactics to shatter the silence of sexual violence. That same year, Angela was appointed the UW Women’s Issues Diversity Liaison, where she successfully initiated a dialogue on sexual assault within diverse cultural communities. In 2001, Angela was elected the President of the WI Chapter of the National Organization for Women.


Through PAVE, Angela has trained thousands in sexual assault prevention, produced a documentary entitled “Transition to Survivor” and founded Men Opposing Sexual Assault, a student group that highlights the importance of men in the anti-sexual assault movement.


Now a national non-profit with chapters in multiple states, PAVE is committed to ending sexual violence through education and empowerment. Angela continues to serve as the organization’s Executive Director. Angela’s passion and energy are coupled with her dedication to shattering the silence of sexual violence. Audiences across the country have benefited from her experiences and her ability to turn her tragedy into triumph.


Susan Love


Marketing Director


Susan earned her MBA in strategy, marketing and international business from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.. She has spent time studying and traveling in India, where she witnessed firsthand the impact of education and meaningful public policy on improving the health and well-being of marginalized people. Before earning her graduate degree, she started a successful catering business that promoted healthy selections for communities struggling to balance nutrition with economic pressures. Through her entrepreneurial experiences, Susan gained awareness on the difficulties survivors face when making constructive changes in their lives. Her commitment to helping others break free from the destructive cycles of violent abuse, shame and shattered lives has brought her to PAVE. Having witnessed law enforcement practices that ignored victim needs, especially in disadvantaged communities, Susan is dedicated to providing energetic support of programs promoting financial independence, education and community activism. She guides PAVE’s marketing development and partner relations activities with an eye toward building stronger survivor support, community awareness and legislative improvement campaigns.


Malissa Davis


Administrative Director


Malissa was a co-worker with Angela Rose when she learned about Roses’ abduction and assault. In support, Malissa attended the sentencing of the perpetrator in Roses’ case. Sitting with the perpetrator’s previous victims and seeing Angela’s passion and activism, Malissa decided to get involved in the movement to end sexual violence. Malissa avidly tracks coverage of sexual assault cases and PAVE’s education and activism in the media. Additionally, she currently is involved with WEAVE (Women Escaping a Violent Environment) while working as a photographer in Sacramento, California.


J.R. Spencer


Director of Technology


J.R. Spencer is a technologist, social media expert, and entrepreneur with an extensive background in Internet and enterprise technology having worked at Yahoo, Kintera, IBM, Oracle and several technology startups. Additionally, J.R is equally passionate about helping to make the world a better place and believes passionately in the power and effectiveness that technology can have in transforming the lives of people by providing them tools and platforms to work, organize, and educate themselves.




Diana Riser


Research Director


Diana graduated with a B.A. in Psychology & Philosophy from the University of Alabama – Huntsville. As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, she immediately followed her passion of working with survivors of sexual abuse and took a job with Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center (SPARCC) as an educator and then manager of education from 2003 to 2007. At SPARCC, Diana coordinated and provided education on domestic violence, dating violence, rape, child sexual abuse and sexual harassment, as well as provided counseling to teenage and adult survivors of sexual abuse. Currently, Diana is pursuing her Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology at Virginia Tech. Her research focuses on risk, resilience, trauma in child and adolescent development, and on pedophilia. Diana hopes to provide greater insight into the occurrence of sexual abuse and subsequent recovery of victims, support for survivors, intervention for offenders and the overall prevention of sexual abuse.


Gina Therese Bartucci


Gina is currently in the School Psychology Program at Loyola University Chicago obtaining her Ph.D. She graduated with her undergraduate degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where she started a PAVE chapter in 2002. After graduating, she became an international educator at UIUC and created a workshop specifically for women traveling abroad and the miscommunications that can stem from cross-cultural misunderstandings. Last year she completed her Masters of Education from Loyola, where she began to realize how perfectly her passion for school psychology couples with education and sexual abuse prevention, which has been her major interest for the last 10 years. Currently, Gina belongs to a research team that provides professional development to teachers surrounding Character Education and Positive Behavior Supports, two key components to educating students in the importance of respecting each other and themselves. Respect is a crucial piece in educating our future about sexual assault. Working with PAVE as the Education Director, Gina believes that the key to shattering the silence of sexual violence is working with teachers, parents, students and the community.


Barb Carter


Perpetrator Intervention Director


Since 1982 Barb has provided treatment and intervention for perpetrators of sexual and domestic violence in a variety of settings, from outpatient mental health clinics to county jail environments. Her philosophy on perpetrator accountability is that violence is a choice and not caused by a mental health, medical, addiction, or anger management diagnosis is a passion. Such a belief leads her to hold offenders immediately accountable for their use of negative power and control demonstrated in violence toward others. Currently Barb is a doctorial candidate at XXX beginning her research on “Uncovering Systemic Inconsistencies in Legal Systems that Collude with Perpetrators of Intimate Partner Violence When the Legal Supervision is Less Strict than for Equally Dangerous Sexual Offenders.” Her educational background includes a B.S. in Business Administration and Human Resource Management, a Master in Management and Criminal Justice, and an Oregon State Alcohol and Drug Counseling Certification (CADC II). As the Assistant Program Director at a Domestic Violence Intervention Program she provides intervention that maintains victim and community safety as a priority. She provides information, education and intervention that is supported by evidence-based practices, contributes to staff training and development, and promotes community education. As part of her community education Barb emphasizes that a key to ending violence is raising awareness about Institutional Violence in the form of our society’s collusion with perpetrators. When an individual or group knowingly or supports offender attitudes and behavior through silence, excuse making, use of verbal and written language, body language, agreement, and/or victim blaming comments; victim risk in increased. She is currently active on a task force that addresses human trafficking and leads a subcommittee focusing on transferring immediate accountability from victims to perpetrators of human trafficking.


Sarah Mathe


Finance Director


Sarah has five years of experience in the position of Development Director and comes not only with passion but purpose to help PAVE the way for funding in order to help the whole world shatter the silence of sexual violence. After hearing Angela Rose's story and reading the book Stolen Innocence by PAVE Ambassador Erin Merryn 7 years ago, Sarah realized she had a voice. About four years ago she started using it to raise awareness of the devastation that child sexual abuse and rape can bring to one's life. She spends time advocating for the prevention of child sexual abuse prevention as well as domestic human sex trafficking. She adheres to philosophy education is prevention in action and firmly believes that with proper funding PAVE can reach populations around the world giving a voice to a voiceless crime and that sexual violence can be prevented.


Amanda Green


Finance Director


Amanda first became involved with PAVE as the Finance Director of PAVE’s founding chapter at the University of Wisconsin- Madison. While working with UW-Madison PAVE she became deeply dedicated raising awareness about sexual assault and domestic violence and eventually began facilitating PAVE workshops. Working through various outlets she was able to advocate about SA and DV among several different types of issue bases like environmentalists and social justice activists in the Madison community. After graduating she moved to Portland, OR to organize for a national public interest organization. Shortly after moving she was thrilled to be brought on board the National PAVE project in August of 2009 as the National Finance Director. She has been working with the dedicated National team to bolster the organization and shatter the silence ever since. She is currently completing her Masters in Public Administration with a focus in Non-Profit Management and working towards her Accounting degree at Portland State University while serving as a graduate assistant to the PSU Office of Government Relations.


Christopher Watson


Programs Director


For the past 13 years, Christopher has worked to address men’s roles in ending gender-based violence.  A native of Austin, TX, Christopher brings his experience as a grassroots campus and community organizer, his skills as a trainer and educator, and his commitment to combating violence against women and girls to his role with PAVE.   He began his work as a founding member of the Men Against Violence chapter at Texas State University – San Marcos. After working as the Sexual Assault Prevention Education Coordinator at the Hays-Caldwell Women’s Center, he became a Field Organizer with Amnesty International USA in its Midwest Regional Office in Chicago, IL.  As an organizer, Christopher was responsible for working with activists throughout the Midwest, helping to monitor human rights violations and abuses within the region, and acting as the office spokesperson for the Stop Violence Against Women campaign.  Most recently, Christopher worked as the Adult/Youth Program Manager with RAVEN Non-Violence Education Program in St Louis, MO, the third oldest batterer intervention program in the country. He currently resides in Oakland, CA and hopes to begin work toward a MA in Leadership next year.




Gabe Wright


Male Empowerment Director


At the age of 22, Gabe became a rape victim, an experience that left him confused, hurt, ashamed and angry. Those feelings continued for him until he finally found the courage to speak out as a survivor. Gabe first spoke out in the Red Eye, a local Chicago paper, and later became featured in the ‘The Voices and Faces Project.’ Since then, Gabe has attended a National Male Victimization Conference and spoken at various schools and community agencies about his work as a male rape survivor. Having previously received his bachelor’s degree in Parks and Recreation Administration from Illinois State University, Gabe has gone on to earn his Master’s degree in Higher Education Administration with an emphasis on Student Affairs from Northern Illinois University. At his university, Gabe became instrumental in founding the organization MASIV (Men Against Sexual Interpersonal Violence) that reaches out to various communities within college campuses, speaking out about sexual violence and encouraging men to take an active role in the understanding and prevention of sexual violence. One of Gabe’s many passions is to bring a voice to sexual victimization in deaf communities. He strongly believes that every victim/survivors should be recognized regardless of their race, religion, creed, physical ability, gender or sexual preference since giving survivors their own identity back is a form of empowerment.


Jaime A. Gill


International Faith Director


As a rape survivor, Jaime has moved from feeling cursed and victimized to blessed and empowered through her faith work with PAVE. Jaime believes that God allowed her to survive such painful and traumatic experiences to become a witness to other rape/sexual abuse victims around the world. As a sought after public speaker for youth impact and women empowerment, she has shared her own story to encourage victims to begin the healing process. As a experienced Television Producer and videographer, Jaime’s ministry takes her across the country and into Africa, often leading to contact with countless victims who feel silenced, scarred, trapped, insecure and afraid. Whether through media or public speaking, Jaime strives to “pave” the way for survivors through her courage and voice.

With her Removing the M.A.S.K. presentation, Jaime has presented to high schools, colleges, community groups and churches all in efforts to help educate communities, eradicate injustice and to empower victims to live an abundant life through truth and love.


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